White9 Nine Fundamentals for White Concrete Floors

White Concrete is not grey, but white. Beyond simply a color change, White Concrete is a premium material, specified in Architectural Concrete applications where appearance is a high priority. White concrete provides an aesthetic appeal, maximizing the powerful visuals of architectural concrete with strength and durability.

Architects are increasingly turning to white concrete in their designs thanks in large part to customizable color and design, a long life cycle, limited maintenance, and high slip resistance standard to architectural concrete. In addition to sustainability as an architectural concrete floor, added reflectivity lowers operating costs for owners, meaning a greater return on investment.

  1. The Reflective Concrete Canvas
  2. Cut Downtime
  3. Cut Environmental Impact
  4. Mix Design
  5. Producer Relationship
  6. Reflectivity & Lower Utility Costs
  7. Unique Surface Colorants With White Concrete
  8. High Performance Canvas
  9. Canvas Cycle Management

Primary Products

White Cementitious Concrete