SC9 Nine Fundamentals for Surface Concrete Colorant

When a colorant is sprayed onto the concrete surface, it has a vibrant, rich color. The question is, will it still look that way even a year later? A longer life cycle can be expected if a translucent concrete colorant selected is a subsurface, pH-neutral dye that utilizes nano-sized particulates to penetrate the concrete. Combined with a system of densifier, chloride screen, and wearguard, a penetrating subsurface dye will endure heavy traffic while maintaining its vibrancy. Dyes may be applied with a quick-drying caring agent like acetone or applied with water, depending on the needs of each application. The versatility and surface colorants allow a designer to add a unique character to a floor.

  1. The Types of Concrete Colorants
  2. Concrete Pigments
  3. Concrete Dyes
  4. Managing Expectations
  5. Sustainable Concerns
  6. Carry Agents
  7. Application Requirements
  8. Trouble Shooting
  9. Surface Colorant Cycle Management

Primary Products

Penetrating Interior Liquid Nano Dye Colorant
Subsurface Interior VOC Compliant Solvent Based Salt Colorant
Subsurface Exterior Pigment