ITCP9 Nine Fundamentals for Mechanically Ground ITCP floors Canvas Control & Abrasive Polish System

Integrally Troweled Concrete has been an emerging technology to completely cure, profile and polish a concrete floor within days of placement. Accomplishing this with equipment common to the finishing process. This industrial revolution is cutting the number of crews and products needed on the floor—groundbreaking in advancing the concrete schedule and, at the same time, producing a high-performance slab in comparison to conventional concrete.

  1. Unconventional Architectural Floors
  2. Defining the Mechanism of Integrally Troweled Concrete: The Placement & Finish Troweled
  3. Cure
  4. Surface Fixative
  5. Surface Treatment
  6. Wet Abrasive Process Equipment
  7. Wet Abrasive Process
  8. Managing Expectations and Specifications
  9. Canvas-Life Schedule

Primary Products

Surface Applied SCM (Supplementary Cementitious Material) Admixture
Hydrophobic Fixative for Surface Applied Admixture Cure
Reactive Hydrophilic Insoluble Nano Densifier
Oxidation Inhibitor & Chloride Screen
Repairable Impregnating Micro-treatment
Penetrating Nano Neutral ph Slip-Resistant Conditioner, Cleaner and Restorer