IC9 Nine Fundamentals for Integral Concrete Colorants

Integral concrete colorants with natural iron-oxide pigments are permanent and UV stable—engineered to establish performance with even color appearance, stability, and durability in all concrete placements. When used as an alternative to surface-applied colorants, they save downtime and labor. Integral colorants can be applied at an equal or lower cost to surface colorants, but expensive masking and overspray damage to finishes is eliminated, making Integral colorants the more economical option. Life-cycle is much more significant as an “In concrete” component than unpredictable surface colorants. The color palette extends to over 30 colors with varying intensity options. It is recommended to use a wearguard to enhance surface color and protect it. Integral color provides a solution for those concerned about conventional concrete colorants and their environmental impact.

  1. The Integrally Colored Canvas
  2. The Benefits over Surface Colorant
  3. The Environmental Impact of Colorants
  4. The Colored Mix Design
  5. The Producer Partnership
  6. Finishing the Colored Canvas
  7. Managing Expectations
  8. Managing Specifications
  9. Canvas Cycle Managment

Primary Products

Iron-oxide Pigments
Surface Applied SCM (Supplementary Cementitious Material) Admixture
Hydrophobic Fixative for Surface Applied Admixture Cure
Penetrating Reactive Interior Microfinish for Profiled Surfaces
Penetrating Resinous Reactive Interior-Exterior MicroFinish for Non-Profiled Surfaces