PHP9 Nine Fundamentals for Profiled, Hone & Polished Architectural Concrete

What does "System Thinking" mean in the context of architectural concrete? Combining products from several manufactures leads to inconsistent performance or even treatments that are combative or work against the effects of one another. A system of equipment and treatments unique to the industry allows designers to Spec for success with complementary treatments and equipment.

Trained and certified craftsmen using the head pressure needed to consolidate and utilize alternative fuel-powered equipment to operate safely in a wet environment. Why wet? Profiling wet maintains Indoor Air Quality (IAQ standards) mandated by regulatory agencies (such as OSHA) during the profiling process, keeping laborers safe and the building occupants later during construction. A cutting agent is applied before and while the floor is being profiled to facilitate wet surface processing and reduce labor—each cog in the system is designed and implemented to success.

  1. The Concrete Surface
  2. Testing Methods
  3. Wet vs. Dry
  4. Equipment
  5. Liquid Cutting Agent
  6. Cutting Abrasives
  7. Honing Abrasives
  8. Polishing Abrasives
  9. Managing Specifications

Primary Products

Craftsman Training and Certification
High Productivity, LEED & CARB, IAQ Propane Equipment
Penetrating Completely Reactive, Liquid Cutting Agent
Hybrid Bond Abrasives