The 9 Fundamentals

Cloud number 9 is, in fact, a reference by the International Cloud Atlas--first published in 1896, It's initial purpose included aiding the training of meteorologists and promoting more consistent us of vocabulary describing clouds, Cloud 9 being one of the highest. Many are familiar with the term as an expression of bliss and maybe how a design professional and craftsman fell when a concrete design comes full circle. The article that started the Concrete 9 series was published in 2011 in Specifiers Magazine, was a foundation for developing products that are more common in the marketplace today.

Main Points

  1. Managing expectations
  2. Green polishing specification
  3. The engineered substrate
  4. The equipment
  5. The wet grind and wet hone process
  6. The chemistry
  7. The color system
  8. The polish system
  9. Repair and maintenance